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Apple's electric car project is stalling again.

Apple's electric car project is stalling again. The American IT giant has once again postponed the launch of its own electric car.

Apple first announced the development of its own electric car back in 2014, when the project was codenamed Titan. Initially, it was assumed that it would be a drone without the usual controls, but then this idea was abandoned. The launch date of the model was postponed several times, and now Bloomberg reports that the electric car will enter the market no earlier than 2026, that is, 12 years after the start of work on it. At the same time, they promise to reveal the exterior next year.

The latest news about Apple's electric car is dated this summer. Then it was reported that the IT giant hired one of the leading managers of Lamborghini, Luigi Taraborrelli. Taraborrelli had a hand in the creation of such models as Urus, Huracan and Aventador, and also managed to work on the "off-road" version of Huracan - Sterrato, which debuted at the end of November.

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In addition to Taraborrelli, Apple has previously attracted former engineers from Tesla, Ford, Rivian, Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren, Porsche and Aston Martin to the project to create an electric car.

There were also rumors about technology partners. According to unofficial data, Apple was in talks with Toyota, as well as with the South Korean SK Group and LG Electronics, but the situation with the appearance of the car after that has not cleared up.

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Apex Motorsport tuning studio employees shared the story of the Porsche 911 Turbo on their social media.

Apex Motorsport tuning studio employees shared the story of the Porsche 911 Turbo on their social media. The owner of a sports car regularly comes to the masters for maintenance. The last time the coupe was inspected, the odometer showed 676,854 miles (approximately 1.1 million kilometers). Despite the huge mileage, the regular engine is still installed in the car. At the same time, over the years of service, engineers practically did not interfere in the technical components of the car.

A Porsche 911 Turbo owner named Tom Thalmann bought a new sports car about 20 years ago. Since then, the man has been using the model as a car for every day. Despite the fact that this generation of the 911 Turbo is not extremely reliable, over the years of service, specialists have only once removed the engine for preventive purposes.

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This happened on a run of 616,000 kilometers, when the owner discovered oil smudges. The service center removed the 3.6-liter "turbo" with 450 horsepower to check what was wrong. To the surprise of the engineers, the unit was in almost excellent condition. As a precaution, the specialists replaced the turbines, after which they installed the engine back.

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After those repairs, the sports car covered about half a million kilometers. All this time, the owner continues to regularly service the car with which he does not experience any problems.

At the end of October, a six-year-old Ford F-250 XLT Super Duty with a mileage of one and a half million kilometers was put up for sale in the United States. For each year of operation, the owner drove a pickup truck for 240,000 kilometers.

Tesla continues to announce major service promotions due to various defects and factory oversights.

Tesla continues to announce major service promotions due to various defects and factory oversights. According to Reuters, citing the US National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the reason for the next recall was the lights of electric cars, which may not turn on periodically. This can lead to accidents at night, although there have been no reports of accidents so far. The problem could potentially occur on more than 321,000 North American Teslas.

The NHTSA document states that the headlight issue affects the 2023 Model 3 and 2020-2023 Model Y. The investigation showed that in some cases, flashlights may fail due to a software glitch: it may erroneously identify a malfunction during the turn-on of the electronics.

Tesla reported three warranty claims due to the issue, with the majority of complaints coming from a customer outside of the US. At the same time, no reports of accidents related to the problem have yet been received.

Prior to this, Tesla announced a recall in the United States less than a week ago: on Friday it became known that almost 30,000 cars may not work properly airbag. The market reaction to the defects was a fall in the manufacturer's shares by three percent to a nearly two-year low.

According to NHTSA, Tesla has announced 19 recall campaigns in the US since the beginning of this year, and four of them in November alone. They covered over 3.7 million vehicles. The action to recall 1.1 million electric cars due to traumatic power windows was a record one: when an obstacle was detected between the frame and the glass, the mechanism did not automatically lower the glass.

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