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A man drove a Volvo 10,000 km without paying for fuel


This car enthusiast from Grodno, Belarus, thanks to his resourcefulness, does not spend a single ruble on refueling his diesel Volvo. All that had to be done was to change the fuel injection advance angle, replace the fuel filter with an oil filter and start pouring nothing but used oil into the car.

Of course, a reasonable question arises: how to drive in winter? “The engine is really reluctant to start on a cold morning,” the man explained in an interview with AutoGrodno. - In such cases, I added 5-10% of gasoline. In the summer, I stopped doing this, just in the mornings sometimes I asked the neighbors to push the car a little. When the engine is warm, there are no problems with starting.

“The motor feels great,” says the motorist. - The condition of the cylinders and pistons is excellent, the carbon deposits were within normal limits and were easily removed with a rag. But it’s better not to make abrupt starts, because a dark cloud of smoke rises.”

“Hundreds of garages in Grodno are heated with waste oil, some enterprises use it for heating,” the driver answers a question about the environment. - A lot of boilers are also for sale (again, on the "working out"). Everything is official. Therefore, it seems to me that there is no difference where such oil will be used: in my car or in the garage stove.

“It turns out waste-free production,” sums up the auto enthusiast. - I drained the oil, then into its tank - and drove off. My friends give me “working out”. Some even regret that they do not have such a machine.

P.S. Don't do that with modern cars! In addition, burning of used oil is prohibited in many countries!


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