Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Electric car bans are starting to rain down one after the other


Until recently, people are welcomed and strongly encouraged to buy electric cars. But this trend is reversing extremely quickly. Electric car bans are becoming more and more common.
Following the words of an elite driver from the Davos forum who stated that the elite do not want to use electric cars because they consider them too dangerous. The driver literally stated that these cars (electric cars) are for the common man.

A Norwegian shipping company bans the use of electric cars on its ferries. According to a risk analysis, the risk of ignition of such vehicles is too great.

Havila Shipping CEO Bent Martini said, according to a report by shipping news service TradeWinds, that a risk analysis showed that an EV fire would require a particularly expensive salvage operation. It could not have been secured by the crew on board. Passengers would also be at risk.

The time won't be far when you won't be able to park your electric car in the mall. It's too dangerous for everyone else, including the building itself.

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