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Croatian electric car is the fastest in the world with a track record

Croatian hypercar Rimac Nevera has become the fastest mass-produced electric car in the world.


Maybach: a chronicle of a grandiose failure. The story of the first Maybach revival that Stuttgart will never forget

On June 26, 2000, the ocean liner Queen Elizabeth II set sail from Southampton to New York.


A rare car in original condition with almost zero mileage

The brightest car can be made even more interesting.


In Japan, announced the contenders for the title of "Car of the Year"

The results of the competition will be summed up by the end of 2022.


BMW's heaviest hybrid supercrossover comes with an even bigger grille

BMW M is entering a new era with the introduction of the XM super-crossover, the first Bavarian plug-in hybrid.


Volkswagen presents an autonomous car with two beds

Volkswagen Group will present the concept of an electric autonomous car called Gen.Travel as part of the Chantilly Arts & Elegance exhibition, which will be held on September 24 and 25 in Chantilly, France.


WEF: The end of the personal car is coming

According to a report, the World Economic Forum (FEC) wants to end “wasteful” private vehicle ownership and instead replace it with “communal sharing” of cars in an effort to reduce global demands for fossil fuels and precious metals.


All cars to run on electricity only, but they self-ignite while standing in the heat

Crews responded to an electric bus fire in the parking lot of the CT Transit Bus Depot on State Street this morning.


The Chinese social rating is practically active in all new cars in Europe

From July 6, 2022, all new cars sold in the EU will be equipped with mandatory black boxes that record technical data and will be available to the authorities.


Toyota Develops World’s First Autonomous Drifting Technology

Computer assisted technologies during recent years have enabled automakers to achieve leaps & bounds in vehicle safety.

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