A record number of Rolls-Royces were sold in 2022


Once again, the Cullinan SUV remains Rolls-Royce's bestseller.

Neither the global shortage, nor the geopolitical situation and the suspension of official deliveries of cars to Russia prevented Rolls-Royce from setting a new sales record: in 2022, the British brand shipped 6,021 cars to customers. In fact, last year was the first for the company in its 118-year history, when it managed to overcome the mark of six thousand cars sold in 12 months. It is worth noting that this previous record was set in the "coronavirus" 2021 - then 5586 cars were sold.

Rolls-Royce sells cars in 50 countries around the world, but they have not been officially delivered to Russia since March this year by decision of the company's management and due to sanctions restrictions on the import of luxury goods. However, the Ministry of Industry and Trade included Rolls-Royce in the list of parallel imports, so now cars enter the market without the permission of the copyright holder.

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In 2022, 6,021 cars were shipped to customers, which is eight percent more than in 2021. Rolls-Royce achieved sales growth across all regions, with the largest increases in the Middle East, Asia Pacific, the US and Europe.

The largest region for the company remains North and South America, while China is still a strategically important market for the brand and the second in terms of sales. Sales growth in Europe was largely driven by customers in Germany and the UK.

The company also provides other figures. For example, on average, customers were willing to pay about half a million euros for personalized luxury cars from Bespoke.

Rolls-Royce notes that "pre-orders are being accepted well beyond 2023" - we are talking about the Specter electric coupe, which will begin shipping to customers only by the end of this year. Mentioning this model, the company reminds that Rolls-Royce will refuse to produce cars with internal combustion engines as early as 2030.

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