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Intercontinental Rally Championship
IRC Rally Barum Czech 2012 - SS12 Coverage
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IRC Rally Barum Czech 2012 - SS4 Coverage
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IRC Rally Sibiu Romania 2012 Day 2
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IRC Rally Sibiu Romania 2012 Day 1
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Andreas Mikkelsen win Sibiu Rally Romania 2012
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Andreas Mikkelsen win Sibiu Rally Romania 2012.
The actions:
In Stage 8 G. Szabo is with a broken wheel, as Szabo delay with more than 3-minutes in the stage, while Delecour has problems with shock absorber cause him 41.8 seconds delay. This is the first stage with stage win for driver different than Mikkelsen who delay with 10.7 seconds by Sepp Wiegand.
Stage 9: Win for Mikkelsen. The fastest Romania driver V. Porcisteanu has a puncture as he delay with more than 8-minutes. He comments: After three kilometers from the start we got a puncture, it damaged steering. Then the car fell down from the jack, later Vitaliy passed us and we didn't see anything in the dust. We now get to the service and then hopefully push again.
Stage was interrupted after st.no.34 because of fire in the forest, other crews will obtain notional time.
Stage 10: Win for Patrik Flodin. Wiegand is with a puncture in the stage, as he stopped 1 km from the finish with broken rear right damper, repairing the car.
Stage 11: Win for Mikkelsen. In this stage Patrik Flodin has problems with driveshaft and powersteering but he finished second at +14 second by the leader.
Stage 12: Win for Mikkelsen.
Mikkelsen: It's been long weekend. With so big gap it's just about getting the car to the finish. We had lot of second places, it's nice to be again on the top spot. It's important result for the whole team.
Delecour: It was nice to be in the battle. We would like to do more IRC rally.
Flodin: We are very very happy, we are very proud of the second place. All the guys in the team did great job. Thanks to them and to Petter! Now we showed what we can do. We had bad luck on the beginning, but we are looking forward to next rallies.
Porcisteanu: I'm very happy that we are here. very hard rally, we had lot of problems today. Third place in Romanian championship and in the Production cup. We wanted to be first, but it's rally.

Final Results:
1. A. Mikkelsen 2:15:28.0
2. P. Flodin +5:33.8
3. F. Decelour +11:56.9
4. V. Puskar +13:57.2
5. E. Keleti +14:45.6
6. R. Consani +17:26.7

Andreas Mikkelsen leads after the end of day 1 in Sibiu Rally Romania 2012
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Andreas is without competition as the second fastest is Sepp Wiegand at +2:44.1.
Andreas drive carefully not pushing fast as really he is the only one top driver in Romania.
Andreas Mikkelsen wins all stages in the first day in Romania. It is strong rally for the local stars in Romania.
Stage 3: Win for Mikkelsen.
There are problems for Patrik Flodin car settings in the rally.
The difference between Mikkelsen and the rest can see in stage 4, Crinti 2 28.70 km where the second Sepp Wiegand is at +39.2 seconds difference.
In stage 5 Superspeciala 1 1.90 km the local hero V. Porcisteanu set equal time with Andreas Mikkelsen.
It is reporting for many peoples in all stages today.
Wiegand: It's better than before, but there still remains dust in the air. We had one or two little moments, but no big thing.
Mikkelsen: It was fantastic stage. So many people with fires around the road! It was OK for us. We need the victory.
Flodin: It was difficult day. What to say? I want to go home and sleep and tomorrow push like hell! It's nice rally, I enjoy the car, but it's difficult to drive in the dust. We had to turn off the lights, then we lost the pacenotes...
Decelour: It's so difficult! It's shame, because the stages are beautiful, but you can't push, because the visibility is very bad. I hope it will be better tomorrow!
Tempestini: The car was very nervous, I don't know. Maybe something with dampers. Still lot of dust.
Burri: We had another puncture, but I liked the stage.
Porcisteanu: Fantastic stage, but we had again problems with dust. I want to thank to the spectators to come here!
Results after stage 7:
1. A. Mikkelsen 1:06:07.1
2. S. Wiegand +2:44.1
3. F. Decelour +3:08.8
4. G. Szabo +4:17.7
5. V. Porcisteanu +4:48.6
6. P. Flodin +5:33.2

There are 5 stages to run tomorrow.

Andreas Mikkelsen leads after the first two stages in Sibiu Rally Romania 2012
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Andreas wins the two stages ahead Patrik Flodin. In the first stage Mikkelsen takes 3.8 seconds as in the second stage Andreas win the stage with 49.7 seconds ahead the Hungarian driver Gergely Szabo.
In Romania is sunny and hot with temperatures above +33 C. Andreas was unhappy by the first position on the road due too cleaning of the stages.
Mikkelsen: It's very lose, a lot of cleaning. We are not pushing at all, driving safely.
Wiegand: It was OK. Not so easy, because it was very slippery, but OK for us.
Flodin: It wasn't good at all. The car is sliding too much, it wasn't easy to drive. We have to adjust the rear.
Delecour: Good, no problem. We didn't start too fast, we wanted to check the car.
In stage 2 Patrik Flodin has problems with the car as he explains: Maybe 6 km from the finish we had a problem, then we were going slowly. I'm sorry to Delecour, I couldn't see him in the mirrors, there was a lot of dust.
In stage 2 there are lot of punctures of Patrik Flodin, Sepp Weigand. Dan Girtofan crash in stage 2 as blocked the road as the stage for drivers after number 11 is cancelled.
Results after SS 2:
1. A. Mikkelsen 24:05.6
2. G. Szabo +57.4
3. F. Delecour +1:05.1
4. S. Wiegand +1:10.6
5. V. Porcisteanu +1:37.6
6. B. Marisca +1:54.2

IRC Rally San Marino 2012 - Day 2
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