Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Is there electromagnetic radiation in Tesla cars?


Have you ever wondered how safe electric cars are? Apart from the fact that you won't be breathing in the noxious fumes from an internal combustion engine if you follow such a car, the rest is pretty dubious.
On the one hand, crashes are a common phenomenon, the sudden strange actions of software, actions that lead to accidents.
But until now, there has rarely been talk of harmful electromagnetic radiation. And it turns out that such electromagnetic radiation exists.

The electromagnetic radiation test shows that sitting in an electric car is like standing near a working microwave oven.

- Mobile phone: 120 mW/m2
- To the door of the Microwave oven: 360 mW/m2
- Microwave oven (at a distance of 1-2m): 100 mW/m2
- Inside a Tesla car: 100-120 mW/m2

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