Saturday, June 15, 2024

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How are Tesla cars even allowed to be self-driving?

Tesla self-driving is far from ideal and life-threatening.


Electric vehicles continue to burn and pollute the air

Two self-igniting electric vehicles in recent days add new safety and environmental concerns.


Is there electromagnetic radiation in Tesla cars?

Have you ever wondered how safe electric cars are?


Failure after failure - Tesla cars continue to cause problems on the streets

Incidents with Elon Musk's Tesla cars are on the rise despite constant software improvements.


Environmental Tesla went to a new dimension

The specific case is from Kyiv, Ukraine.


Another recall of Tesla cars, while the company's stock is near a 2-year low

Tesla continues to announce major service promotions due to various defects and factory oversights.



Mass ignitions of electric cars after Hurricane Ian

Due to Hurricane Ian in Florida, you can now see a large number of disconnected electric vehicles, some of which spontaneously ignited.


A parked Tesla car caught fire and destroyed other cars

In previous materials, we warned that it is already too dangerous to park in closed or underground parking lots, because electric cars have access to them.


1.1 million Tesla vehicles recalled due to safety concerns

A record recall campaign has been announced in the US.

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