Thursday, February 09, 2023

How to make the most prestigious Mercedes even more expensive?


Owners of the new generation of the S-Class can be considered the real lucky ones: a three-dimensional dashboard, airbags for rear passengers, rear wheel steering and the privileged status of the most prestigious Mercedes. However, life can be merciless in its own way even to millionaires: for the most expensive Mercedes, there will always be a Brabus even more expensive and, of course, it should be the only right shade. As Henry Ford said: "The color of Brabus can be any, provided that it is black." We didn't mix anything up, did we?

And so that you, God forbid, do not confuse this car with something else, the studio from Bottrop put dozens of its logos on its body - there are four of them on the rims alone. Inside, the modified S-Class is also unrecognizable: the color of the skin now resembles the signature shade of the Tiffany jewelry company. Brabus adapted its air suspension control unit to the can-bus. To the “brains” of the engine, the studio engineers connected the proprietary PowerXtra unit for chip tuning. And do you know how much it all costs? Watch the new video!

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