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An American flew across the ocean to buy a Ferrari, and it burned down


An American came to France to buy a dream Ferrari. The car burned down on the way to the inspection.
The buyer came for a vintage supercar from another country.
A US resident named Tarek Salah posted a video online in which he shared his unsuccessful trip to France. A man traveled to another country to buy a 1994 Ferrari F355. Before concluding the deal, the buyer and the seller went to a local technical center to assess the condition of the sports car. During a test drive on the highway, the car caught fire. Before the arrival of rescuers, the car burned to the ground.

Tarek Salah revealed in the video that he has always dreamed of driving a Ferrari F355 through the streets of France. Together with the owner of the sports car, they went to a local mechanic who was supposed to evaluate the technical condition of the car before concluding a deal. On the way, Salah smelled gasoline, but did not attach any importance to this. Some time later, motorists passing by signaled to the Ferrari driver that the engine compartment was on fire.

The men jumped out of the burning car directly onto the highway, after which they called the fire department. While rescuers got to the scene, the flames completely destroyed the vintage supercar, which, in addition to its perfect appearance, was distinguished by optional sports seats.

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