Monday, September 25, 2023

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Used car tires are now becoming valuable

Federal highways in Russia will be built from recycled tires.


In Japan, announced the contenders for the title of "Car of the Year"

The results of the competition will be summed up by the end of 2022.


Mass ignitions of electric cars after Hurricane Ian

Due to Hurricane Ian in Florida, you can now see a large number of disconnected electric vehicles, some of which spontaneously ignited.


A parked Tesla car caught fire and destroyed other cars

In previous materials, we warned that it is already too dangerous to park in closed or underground parking lots, because electric cars have access to them.


Kalle Rovanperä wins Rally New Zealand and the 2022 World Championship

An incredible ride to the very end for the crew Rovanperä K.


After a nuclear war: why did they create the longest road train?

The incredible story of LeTourneau - the most unusual road train in the history of mankind.


James Bond's wrecked car was auctioned off

Especially for the filming of the film, the car went through a serious tuning.


BMW's heaviest hybrid supercrossover comes with an even bigger grille

BMW M is entering a new era with the introduction of the XM super-crossover, the first Bavarian plug-in hybrid.


A jet fighter but on 4 wheels

The GM Firebird is the land-based incarnation of the jet-powered Douglas F4D Skyray.

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