Monday, September 25, 2023

The Chinese social rating is practically active in all new cars in Europe


From July 6, 2022, all new cars sold in the EU will be equipped with mandatory black boxes that record technical data and will be available to the authorities.

While drivers can currently opt out of using the feature, privacy advocates fear the technology will become mandatory once it is properly deployed.

Back in 2019, the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) announced that July 6th would be the day when all car manufacturers would be forced to equip new models with a technical data tracking system.

Recorded data will include "vehicle speed, braking, steering wheel angle, lean on the road, and whether various vehicle safety systems, starting with seat belts, have been engaged."

While insurance companies will not have direct access to the data, it will be available to law enforcement.

Authorities say the data will be "anonymized," meaning the information cannot be used to identify the vehicle's owner, though only incredibly naive people plausibly believe this.

It is expected that such systems will eventually include speed limiting technology.

As Reclaim the Net's Didi Rankovic explains, the most common method of speed limiting technology is the Intelligent Speed ​​Assistant (ISA).

“ISA works using only GPS data, traffic sign recognition cameras installed in front of the car, or a combination of both. The speed limiter affects the power of the engine and thus reduces the speed.”

“As the name suggests, speed limiters are designed to prevent drivers from exceeding certain speed limits and provide them with audible, visual and tactile warnings until they “obey” and slow down.”

For decades, governments have pushed for all cars to be equipped with black boxes that track location data.

The ultimate dystopian scenario involves giving the police the power to use similar technology to completely disable a vehicle if the driver is deemed to have committed an infraction.

If the implementation of social credit schemes continues to become more aggressive, it will eventually be used as a form of punishment for everything from unpaid utility bills to offensive comments posted on social media.

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